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Welcome To VanityBoutique.
VanityBoutique is an online store where items of high quality are being sold everyday.
It first started it's business on the 16th of May 2011.
Since then, VanityBoutique has served many customers and are willing to serve more.
Take a look around and you might just find what you've always desired for.
For enquries,email or sms me @ 90625802.
Our facebook profile,
VanityBoutique @ SG

Terms/Conditions/Payment methods.
*1.VanityBoutiqueSG shall not be responsible for any loss or damages of products sold.
2.Once order is placed, no changing or backing out of orders is allowed.
3.VanityBoutique.SG will not respond to spam mails.
4.Late comers are not entertained as we have to keep to a tight schedule.
5.VanityBoutiqueSG does overseas sales more then $100.00SGD.
6.MIA-ers/People who backout will be blacklisted with their order forms put up.
7.Spree items can be topped up an additional of $2-10 (depending on the product) to get it straight away.
8.All prices here at VanityBoutique.SG are inclusive of GST.
9.It will take up to 10-14 working days to arrive as the preorders are imported from overseas.

VanityBoutiqueSG only does Meetups from Pasir Ris to Raffles Place.
All free meetups are held in either Pasir Ris MRT station or Tanah Merah MRT station.
Other stations will require a fee depending on which station.
Refer here for route map.

Via Normal Postage
A fee of $2 will be added on to the cost of the product.
Bank Transfer through POSB only.
POSB savings account number: 401-1807-02.
Once transfer, email/sms us @ 90625802 or VanityBoutiqueSG@gmail.com
the ref number and address to post item to.

Via Registered Postage
A fee of $2-7 will be added on to the cost of the product depending on the weight of it.
Bank Transfer through POSB only.
POSB savings account number: 401-1807-02.
Once transfer, email/sms us @ 90625802 or VanityBoutiqueSG@gmail.com
the ref number and address to post item to.
Order Form.
You're a step away from purchasing that gorgeous item!
Send your orders here!

Past Spress.

Posted by Sunday, 7 August 2011 08:30 with 0 notes | add more notes

Name: Lua Zhi Jie
Contact number: 82232479
Email & Facebook: ah_J.I.E@hotmail.com
Ordered: 6 tees.

Ordered 6 tees and after placing order, cancelled two of them. I didn't mind. He wanted to pay upon meetup and in the first place big orders have to pay first to avoid scamming, i allowed. He say he reconsidered. Asked him again if he would like to place the orders still as i was shipping in my orders from Korea and i told him i do have some items instock, he agreed. Smsed me a few days later saying he dont want them already as i was taking too long. Told him i needed to ship from Korea so will need wait a few days said that i didn't tell him that and he thought it was instock when i already stated that i need to make orders already and only SOME items were instock. I had to borrowed money from my parents so that i could bring in the shirts cause i was being kind to him as to allow him to pay upon meetup for big orders.
Am really pissed at him. Have no idea how to return $100+ plus to my mum as i'm a student with no income except for this.

Actually, I didn't mind him cancelling the orders but he did it in a rude manner and texted me saying:'We not buying already.Waiting time is too long'
He confirmed item on Aug 5th and send me the text saying waiting time is too long on Aug 7th.

I did not want to have to put anyone on any blacklist but he was really unreasonable and rude. My blogshop clearly stated in the terms and conditions that mia-ers, peopel backing out of orders will be blacklisted.



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Credits for blogskin to MaryChee.
VanityBoutique will always be upgrading,
adding new stocks especially for those shopaholics
who crave for these stuff.
Get the latest updates of VanityBoutique by emailing your email and name to
VanityBoutique.sg@gmail.com stating what updates you would like to recieve.
Suppliers are welcome to email us what products you are able to supply us.
(Pictures required.)
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